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World class Super horse athlete recollection eleven

doesn't know how big the world is without traveling. Without taking risks, you don't know how valuable life is. How many trips Lin Yijie has gone through and a lot of adventures.

in 1976, Lin Yijie was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She is a world-class super marathon athlete. She has won the honor of various world champions and is known as "Taiwan's light". After 2008, Lin Yijie was no longer in the game. "The aggressiveness of competing with people is gone. I would like to enjoy the running process better." He once said to the media.
At the age of
, Lin Yijie, a junior, entered the "24 hour International Marathon" competition. The first time he completed the super horse race, he set the record of Taiwan. In 2002, Lin Yijie won the twelfth place in the Sahara Desert seven days and six nights crosses, the highest ranking of the Asian players over the years.

since then, he has achieved good results again and again. In 2004 Chile o he ma Hanmo super marathon champion; 2006 won the "top four polar world super marathon tour championship.

2011, the Silk Road 10 thousand kilometers of the challenge lasted 150 days. "Running that time, we should connect the reality of Northwest China, especially the reality of people's lack of water, and collect more resources through our feet." Lin Yijie hopes this will arouse people's awareness of the environmental crisis.

in 2013, after crossing the Sahara desert and Wanli Silk Road, the crossing of great Gobi officially declared that Lin Yijie became the first adventurer in the history to run across the world's three largest water shortage area in the shortest time.

today's Lin Yijie, embarked on the road to entrepreneurship, created his own sportswear brand, made restaurants, also wrote plays, and made investment.

's ten thousand kilometer convention is a love adventure movie. It is supervised by Lin Yijie and his friend Jay Chou. It is directed by the new director of Hollywood of China, Hong Shengyang.

(Qiu Hengming): is it not a piece of cake for you to take part in the Gobi challenge of this kind of business school?

answer (Lin Yijie): I can't say it's a piece of cake.

individuals are not the focus. This time, I took part in the A team competition on behalf of the National Taiwan University School of management, and it was very meaningful to join the team with the challenge.
In the course of completing the course of business school,
, I have learned a lot from my classmates, whether it is the knowledge of the subject or the experience of the work. I have some experience and contribute to my strength. I can bring a different experience and experience to the team.

: what are the characteristics of the team of the National Taiwan University management school?

answer: Tai Da's ideas are very good, Taida B team walking for several hours a day, the most.

Jordan 1 issue from the beginning by the union is prohibited, because when the Bulls coach does not allow God to wear this pair of shoes, the reason is not coordinated with the team colors, and David Stern is Jordan out of the first ticket, $1000, $2000 of the children, until the end of the game 5000 dollars, which finally led to panic buying 1 joe. Nike, for the first time, has shaken CONVERSE's position on basketball shoes. Jordan, the 1 generation of white, black and red three colors, hard rubber outsole, without any scientific and technological content, in fact, these shoes are very cumbersome, but it is the beginning of an era.

Jordan concise design of the 2 generation is the main reason for its many fans, he moved to the basketball from the shoe tongue. The technical content of this section of shoes is still not high, it is still hard, wear-resistant outsole, but a lot of material on the uppers of exquisite, this section of shoes debut in 1986

Jordan 3 generation, this is the real first generation flying cushion shoes, Nike used the visible air cushion for the first time, located at the bottom of this kind of shoes. This is also the first time the Jordan series has adopted the flying trapeze logo, and since then the logo has been formally used in various brands of Jordan brand. Joe was officially released in 31987.

Jordan 4 generations, this shoe is most striking is its uppers: dynamic trapeze logo, handwritten flight word, full of jumping sense. It was this ingenious design that saved Nike and flying stars, because the 2 and 3 generations didn't sell well. Configuration: back cushion, rubber cushioning

Jordan, the 5 generation, was officially launched in 1989. Reflective materials were used for the first time, and Nike's newly developed clean mesh and soles were also used. This shoe used in the 4 generation technology in function, appearance is more modern, more beautiful, the lateral stripe design forefoot jumping, and the tongue of Jordan logo are considerably

Jordan, the 6 generation, was officially launched in 1990. Because the Bulls won the championship in 90-91 seasons. The 6 generation in the design for the first time put forward the concept of rubber shoe buckle, the buckle is very popular at the time, the designer will use it to the 6 generation of lace, it can easily fasten shoelaces also play a very good decorative role. The outsole was made of an advanced translucent rubber outsole that enhanced grip. If you look carefully, you will find that "23" is hidden in the shoes, 2 is a large pattern of vamp side support bars, and 3 is the bottom of the bottom of the shoe, figure

Jordan 7, launched in 1991, the 91-92 season is Jordan Jordan wearing this pair of boots, because the 7 generation to win the championship in the 92 Barcelona Olympics, so the 7 generation in the Jordan series appear more precious. The shape of the 7 generation, some of the 6 generations of shadow, the biggest feature is that the color is particularly large. The shoe holder design was very popular, as built-in air cushion, there are 23 words on the heel, sole has a variety of geometric pattern, upper trapeze signs for whole shoe considerably

Jordan, the 8 generation, was released in 1993. Reflects the attention at that time

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