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how did everyone spend the Tanabata Festival yesterday? The pink bubbles are everywhere in the air. Pink is the girl. No matter how much the love is, the female star is the same!

8 26, Luo Mei Ellis (Romee Strijd) in New York,

Europe and the United States star supermodel Alexander Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio) and her daughter came to a pink female dress, huh, so beautiful, must be lying in the poster Girls daughter ~

Alexander Ambrosio (Alessandra Ambrosio) Losangeles out

socialite Hilton Bobbi as in the past or pink, hand in hand is really dead tired ~ Elmar demonstrated a sweater and jeans casual Look powder.

2017 August 25th, Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) appeared Los Angeles International Airport

Elmar Roberts (Emma Roberts) Losangeles out

jacket: J Brand X Bella Freud bag: Chloe

and domestic female artist, Baby as usual girl, Ma Sichun fishtail skirt collocation powder hair drag, Yang Mi, Jiang Shuying, Zhang Xueying, is in love with a pink hat! Although Tanabata has passed, but the hearts of young girls still ah! Follow the seal king and see the pink inspiration for this period!

Angela Baby (AngelaBaby) in King Alexander (Alexander Wang) short sleeveless T-shirt collocation Alexa Chung (Alexa Chung) red denim skirt, high-heeled sandals appeared with the word 73Hours on the endorsement of the activities of

2017 in August 7th, Ma Sichun appeared Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, wearing a dark grey T-shirt worn, a black floral print dress hand sling slim fold, pink sequined Monogrammed hand bag, wearing slippers
Li Xiaolu August 20, 2017 Beijing airport Street: Gucci dressed in black sweater collocation Burberry backpack on Nike Air Jordan 1 Anti Social Social sports shoes, wearing a baseball cap and SUNGLASSES PINK Club Wangderland

Zhang Tian'ai at Shanghai airport in August 2, 2017 in CRES.E DIM Street: 2017 spring and summer series pink sweater collocation Bvlgari chain bag

2017 in July 30th, Jiang Shuying appeared in the capital airport, she wore a pink hat, wearing a black jacket coat, take the Alexander McQueen red swallow printing gray sweater, wearing black shorts on the edges, Converse black canvas shoes, a blue and white striped socks, black velvet shoulder backpack
2017 >

Elizabeth likes to run alone

in recent weeks, the murder of American female runners has surpassed the category of news and has become the focus of social concern. These events also gave a sober hint to the female runners: safety is a major problem for running out. But Elizabeth ·, a woman runner, Carle said, even so, that she would not stop running alone.

was so concerned because one of the murdered female runners was killed at the scene that was not far from her running route. It almost meant that she might be in the same danger.
One night after the
, Elizabeth ran near the church. She tried to calm her breathing and pace, not only for marathon training, but also for her to believe that privacy should be respected rather than disturbed.
was killed by Makoto, a woman runner, Elizabeth received short messages, e - mails, or phone calls from friends and relatives. Reminding her, "Elizabeth, don't go out alone." "I know." She always responds in that way. She herself knew that she was at risk of running alone. She may face injuries, attacks, dehydration, and even a car accident... The list is long and frightening.

Elizabeth also works hard to reduce risk by running tracker, so that he can call the police at any time, and run in densely populated areas and in a well lit environment. He always runs at a place where the driver can see her and will not hurt her. "But I'm not going to stop running alone. Although I'm afraid, my family is afraid, I won't let myself stop running alone. "

, in Elizabeth's view, is her time to run alone. When she was out running, no one could call her. No one could disturb her by e-mail, no dishes waiting to be washed in the flume, nor did she always shout "mother, I need you" bear children. When you run alone, the only thing that is most important is herself. When she runs alone, her brain can only be occupied by herself, and she is always given the opportunity to breathe freely in places submerged in various tasks. The time to run alone is her gift to herself.

as a woman, Elizabeth took more than 8 hours in a day are given to others, and in this period of running alone on the road, some things are only belong to oneself -- she can be here to enjoy the imagination and vent, until tired tired, until once again return to calm. "As a woman, these moments are precious, so I won't let anyone take it away from me - at least not because of fear. So please don't tell me, don't go out alone, because it's the time for me to reward myself. "

like Makoto's family and friends with the running of the way to commemorate her, "we meet her unfinished mileage together; we will gather together in silence in recognition of such attacks may occur at any time in any one of us; we are gathered together to embrace each other, to encourage each other in distant places; we running in memory of her, because this is what we do; we will this

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