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The 2014 Chaohu marathon race languhing. The 2014 Chaohu marathon race languhing.

1, run group name Wuhu run Sporting Club Hotel

2, the establishment time of May 8, 2012 July 23, 2014 to complete the corporate qualification registration

3, active city, area, routine activity route

: Wuhu City Park Road 2.25 kilometers line Zheshan Park 5.5 km cross-country climb Zheshan; 260 meters line; Park 5 km ring road; Central Park 6 km reentrant line; Binjiang night run 9 km route; Anhwei Normal University playground training venues.

around the city of Wuhu: Wuhu East Lake County Park Road running line; Xuancheng Jingtingshan scenic area of Xuancheng City cross-country line; Jingxian County Peach Lake scenic road line; the southern suburbs of Wuhu City, Ma Feng Wei 30 km road running and triathlon bike club team training line.

4, run group scale
The number of
participants reached 600, including 240 members and 98 core members,

5, run group slogan

run, all the way, you are more wonderful

6, running group introduction to

Wuhu run Sporting Club Hotel relying on the "Wuhu run forum" and "Wuhu run QQ" network communication platform, to create a "I am out of my happiness" sports culture atmosphere, and through various levels about running activities, attract people enjoy all kinds of sports group integration movement, mayor of the city and the surrounding county run lovers, run, walk the snail population, outdoor enthusiasts, triathlon amateur athletes, after more than two years of operation and development, the organization about run 76 times, running in Shanghai, organized in Hangzhou, Wuxi, Suzhou, Hefei International Marathon, the year to participate in the activities of running AUO more than 3000 passengers. Each day has a core member to lead the split run; every week there is a unified run of running groups; a ten thousand meters per season test. Do 500 people in the scale ring Shen Shan "light pig run" activity. It has become a new organization leading South Anhui, radiating all over the province, and enjoying a certain influence among millions of friends in the country.
set up a photo of the General Assembly representative in September 6, 2014. 2014 Jingxian County taohuatanzhen zipper _. In 2014, the president of the new spring, Gu Bin, ran with the Wuhu run group. 2014 volunteers from the Wuhu running group near the Hefei marathon track. The 2014 Chaohu marathon race languhing. January 2014 Wuhu group ran Zheshan morning run. The 2015 New Year's day light pig race awards. January 2015 Wuhu East Lake County Park tour. 2015 Shen Shan Park for national fitness light pig run. One of the year's commemorative cards has a collection significance. One of the square runs of the new year's day. On 2015, 500 people on New Year's day were run. The 2015 New Year's Day pig runs the medal of the race.
7, the main event of the run group
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